How You Can Help: Single Mothers Become College Grads

-Today’s Woman Magazine

In 2011, Kate Brackett selected Family Scholar House (FSH) as part of her Master in Social Work internship from Murray State University. A Louisville native, she thought it would be fun to spend the semester close to home while she worked to complete her degree. Kate didn’t expect to fall in love with Family Scholar House, but that’s exactly what happened. Today, Kate serves as the director of strategic initiatives, where she takes leadership for community engagement efforts as well as the bustling volunteer network that supports Family Scholar House.

The mission of FSH is to “change lives, families, and communities through education,” and it does so by providing a home to single mothers (and their children) as they work their way through college. One hundred percent of the women who are accepted into FSH are homeless; 95 percent of them have experienced domestic violence.

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Always the teacher, Sister Lucy continues to educate and inspire us through the legacy she leaves in us all.

On Thursday, Aug. 11, our community lost a fearless l7d38776ea8d6deeb12c90a2d4dca5702286f8371eader, a tireless fighter for the rights of women and an unfailing advocate for the power of education to change the world.

Dr. Lucy M. Freibert, SCN, or Sister Lucy as she was affectionately known, accomplished many things in her 93 years. She was a Sister of Charity of Nazareth, a teacher and university professor, a women’s studies scholar, an author, a mentor and, for us at Family Scholar House, a force of nature.

We know that Sister Lucy touched many of your lives as she did ours. As we celebrate her life, we ask that you share your stories with us.

Always the teacher, Sister Lucy continues to educate and inspire us through the legacy she leaves in us all.

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Freedom: a bike to a child; new life to a parent

Courier Journal – Community Challenge

By: Cathe Dykstra, FSH Chief Possibility Officer


What is your best memory of Christmas as a child? Maybe you went to a mall or department store to visit Santa. Maybe you received the present that you most wanted. Maybe it is a memory of being by the Christmas tree, surrounded by family, and you felt special and loved.

When I was six years old, I got the bike I had spent months begging Santa to bring. It was a blue Schwinn with a shiny new bell. I couldn’t wait to ride it. My bike made it possible for me to explore my neighborhood, ride to school with friends and, with much practice, master all sorts of wheelies and tricks. There were many “look Mom, no hands” moments.  I think back on that bike often, particularly at Christmas.

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Family Scholar House plans fifth Louisville campus


With 1,000 families on a waiting list for services, Louisville-based Family Scholar House Inc. plans to break ground late this year on a fifth campus.

The new facility off Cane Run Road will add 64 more apartment units.

The nonprofit Family Scholar House offers housing and other support services to single-parent college students and their children. Its mission is to help those students escape poverty by providing a support network while they pursue college degrees and then careers.

The five-acre complex is part of a larger 34-acre housing development proposed by Louisville developer Marian Development Group LLC, which has partnered with affordable housing developer LDG Development of Louisville on the nearly $63 million project.

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Walk-in makeovers part of Family Scholar House


Along with the brightly colored scarves, pretty heels and professional suits in the roomy walk-in closet on the third floor of the Family Scholar House apartments, hangs a sense of hope. The walls lined with all of the carefully organized elements of a professional wardrobe — from pearls to pumps to pretty silk blouses — convey a sense of certainty that the women who will assemble these pieces into perfectly orchestrated outfits will also be able to accomplish the same kind of transformation with their lives.

According to Michael Buckman, nephew of namesake Linda whose wardrobe is the sartorial seed from which this effort grew, it is exactly what his aunt would have wanted.

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