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Imagine you are a young mother, trying to care for your child and working to sustain both of your lives. School is usually put on the back-burner with no time nor support to go to school and take care of your family. The Family Scholar Househas created a solution for these young parents, giving them a stable home and support for their children while they go back to school. Once these parents are armed with degrees, there is no limit to their future success. With no federal or state funding and no endowment, the Family Scholar House manages to raise $1.6 million dollars each year to make their operation possible. As of February 2018, they are now managing five campuses across Louisville and the expansion possibilities are endless. At the helm of this organization is a dynamic woman, whose official title is Chief Possibility Officer (along with President and CEO), and it is her vision and commitment that has taken this organization from serving four families in 2005 to serving over 3,500 families now. When she’s not working, she loves shopping for shoes (preferably four-inch heels) and watching baseball. Meet Cathe Dykstra, our FACE of Louisville today.

Cathe Dykstra of Family Scholar House: FACES of Louisville

Stepping Up – The Voice Tribune

January 31, 2018

If you’re ready to have the world at your feet this spring, one upcoming event will be sure to delight. “Wine Women & Shoes is a fashionable, festive evening filled with – you guessed it! – wine, women and shoes,” explains organizer Kendall Merrick with a laugh. “It’s officially the best girls’ night in the city.”

Stepping Up

HUD Secretary Ben Carson visits Family Scholar House

January 25, 2018

For Louisville teacher Janine Hogan, landing an apartment through Family Scholar House has been a godsend as she was juggling two rambunctious 4-year-olds and a budding education career.

“This place has given me so many opportunities to grow not only as a person but in my professionalism as well,” she said.


HUD Secretary Ben Carson visits Family Scholar House

New population served by Family Scholar House…

December 20, 2017

Cathe Dykstra, Family Scholar House’s president and “chief possibility officer,” said her organization decided to expand its mission to include young adults who’ve been in foster care because they often lack the support of family and are at greater risk of homelessness and poor educational outcomes.

“It’s always been a population that needed attention,” she said.


Foster Alum at Family Scholar House

How You Can Help: Single Mothers Become College Grads

-Today’s Woman Magazine

In 2011, Kate Brackett selected Family Scholar House (FSH) as part of her Master in Social Work internship from Murray State University. A Louisville native, she thought it would be fun to spend the semester close to home while she worked to complete her degree. Kate didn’t expect to fall in love with Family Scholar House, but that’s exactly what happened. Today, Kate serves as the director of strategic initiatives, where she takes leadership for community engagement efforts as well as the bustling volunteer network that supports Family Scholar House.

The mission of FSH is to “change lives, families, and communities through education,” and it does so by providing a home to single mothers (and their children) as they work their way through college. One hundred percent of the women who are accepted into FSH are homeless; 95 percent of them have experienced domestic violence.

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