What Assistance and Support Does Family Scholar House Provide?

Educational Support

Participants enroll in the colleges of their choice to pursue the courses of study of their choice, with the goal to obtain a baccalaureate degree. Family Scholar House helps single parents obtain financial assistance to pay for classes and books. Through individual donations, financial aid, Pell grants, scholarships, and sometimes student loans, participants attend school on a full-time basis. Some of the parents also obtain work-study assistance through their colleges or universities. All participants meet regularly with their Academic Advisor to review educational progress.

Other services include:

  • advising students on their class choices
  • assisting with financial aid applications
  • advocating for them at their respective schools, as necessary
  • informing them about work-study programs
  • sharing information about scholarship opportunities

Family Support Services

Family Scholar House assists participants in obtaining needed support services and helps them address barriers to education. All participants meet regularly with their Support Manager for services including the following:

  • assistance in applying for necessary welfare benefits
  • assistance in securing quality, affordable childcare for their children while they are in school and at work
  • opportunities to develop new skills in the areas of parenting, time-management, and independent living
  • regular individual meeting for goal setting, support counseling and referral to community resources

Peer Support and Community Activities

Family Scholar House encourages the participants and their children to become a community for each others as they focus on common education goals and develop new skills together. To support this goal, in addition to required monthly workshops, group activities during the month provide opportunities for peer support and interaction with Family Scholar House mentors.

Supportive Housing

While the majority of families served by Family Scholar House are in the non-residential programs, those in need of stable housing may apply for the residential program. Student parents in the Family Scholar House program are able to apply for subsidized housing on the campuses of Family Scholar House based upon family size in accordance with HUD guidelines. Participants are responsible for their portion of the rent based upon HUD guidelines and their own utilities. All participants meet regularly with their case manager for guidance on household management.