Do you remember the excitement of Halloween as a child? The joy of choosing your own costume or eating your favorite candy treat?

Growing up, my favorite part of trick-or-treating was sitting on the floor with my sisters, sorting our candy and negotiating trade deals. It wasn’t the act of walking from house to house, but rather the time spent with my sisters. For me, Halloween was less about the holiday, itself, and more about being with family. Of course, we wouldn’t have gotten to that point without the weeks of planning our costumes, mapping our route to maximize our return, and hours spent trick-or-treating. Our families deserve the same experience. Trick-or-treating allows children to dream big and use their imaginations to dress up as someone they really admire!  

At Family Scholar House, we afford every child the opportunity to experience safe, fun activities, like trick-or-treating. In order to provide the same opportunities, we need the help of volunteers like you! Reverse Trick-or-Treating allows every family to participate as a family. We recruit volunteers to walk door to door, passing out candy to our FSH kids. 

Do you have a gently-used child’s Halloween costume that you are no longer using? Would you be interested in donating a bag of candy? No matter how big or small, every costume and candy donation helps the children at FSH have a happy Halloween! We are grateful for donors and volunteers like you!

If you’d like more information about Reverse Trick-or-Treating or have costumes to donate, email