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Paying Attention on Purpose

Published on January 22, 2016, by Family Scholar House to the FSH Stories Category.

For many of our families, FSH is a fresh start, a chance to find their inner voice, sometimes for the first time and learn to walk confidently and boldly in the direction of their dreams. Our participants have known all too well heartache, loss, violence and despair, coming to Family Scholar House seeking support and the tools that will empower them to live a life of stability and self-sufficiency.

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A Place Where Thank You is Said Often and Gratitude Becomes a Way of Life

Published on December 28, 2015, by Family Scholar House to the FSH Stories Category.

While thanks is something we give to others, gratitude is a gift we give to ourselves. Here at Family Scholar House, we receive thanks from our participants with great regularity and we get to see the impact gratitude has on those feeling and expressing it.

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Graduation Celebration 2015

Published on June 3, 2015, by Family Scholar House to the FSH Stories Category.

Last month we recognized 54 Family Scholar House graduates at the Kentucky Science Center. To date, we have celebrated 241 degrees. We could not be more proud of our student-parents and their accomplishments. Our participants are full-time parents and full-time students with dreams and goals of achieving nothing short of greatness.

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Our Mother’s Deserve Their Own Day…

Published on May 7, 2015, by Family Scholar House to the FSH Stories Category.

If you’ve browsed the card aisle of any Kroger, Walgreen’s or Target lately, you found a plethora of cards designed to honor the important women in our lives. Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908, and became an official U.S holiday in 1914. This means people have been celebrating mothers once a year, for nearly 101 years! When we are in grade school, with the assistance of our teachers we spent time making our mothers the perfect handmade gift. As we grow older, those handmade gifts are often replaced with cards and if we’re lucky, spending the day together.

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We DID Make It!

Published on January 29, 2015, by Family Scholar House to the FSH Stories Category.

A few years ago in the early morning hours I fled with my child from my abusive marriage from Dallas, TX and came home to Louisville, KY.  Within a split second, the action of escaping my abuser left me homeless, jobless, and mentally defeated.  However, being free did not change the reality that was upon me…I was a single parent in a financial crisis.  I knew the only way to make life better for me and my daughter was to get my degree in a field that would allow me to do what I loved for the rest of my life.  I had to force myself to realize that if I could find the strength to free myself from abuse; I could do anything…we would make it! 

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HAPPY Birthday Benefactors

Published on October 7, 2014, by Family Scholar House to the FSH Stories Category.

In October we celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December. And as of lately we celebrate holidays such as, ‘National Adopt a Guinea Pig Month’ in March and ‘National Noodle Day’ on October 6th. But, do you know what “holiday” we often over look when preparing for these well-known and not so well known holidays? BIRTHDAYS!

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