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One Princess Crown or Piece of Candy at a Time…

Published on October 31, 2013, by Family Scholar House to the FSH Stories Category.

A little girl runs home from the bus stop after school. It is a dreary day, but it doesn’t dampen her spirits. Through the front door to her warm, cozy home, she darts straight to her room, impatient for what comes next. There, already lovingly laid out on her bed by her mom, is what she’s dreaming about all day – a pink satin gown with pale pink lace trim and a crown that will sit regally on her head. She is a princess everyday, but TONIGHT she will dress like one.

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Back to School

Published on August 20, 2013, by Family Scholar House to the FSH Stories Category.

With the support of many in our community, we have packed over 500 backpacks with everything from crayons and primary writing tablets to compasses and graphing calculators. And, now it is time for our scholars of all ages to return to the classroom.

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Published on August 29, 2011, by Family Scholar House to the FSH Stories Category.

By definition the word synergy has to do with what happens when different-but-complementary individuals, functions or ways of thinking converge to create a possibility larger than ever-before imagined.  In recent years the word has been thrown around in business and technical jargon as the linguistic darling of corporations wanting to be viewed as cutting edge or progressive.  And so they might be—and it is a fabulous word and concept to employ.

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