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Self-Love Bingo

Published on February 14, 2020, by Kate Brackett to the FSH Stories Category.

Over the past week, we’ve played self-love bingo at cafe night every day of the week. It’s the same as regular bingo, except players had to use the phrase “I am” in front of each word after calling BINGO. Not only was it fun, but it was beautiful to hear the same people who initially were embarrassed to call a bingo, gradually become more confident in the words they were saying.

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The Power of Good Conversation

Published on January 28, 2020, by Kate Brackett to the FSH Stories Category.

The participants and professionals gathered in our lovely art therapy room at the Riverport Scholar House. Before the moderator could even announce the first starter-question, the room was full of lively conversation. It remained loud throughout the entire hour of networking.

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A Mother’s Worst Fear, to Greatest Blessing

Published on January 22, 2020, by Kate Brackett to the FSH Stories Category.

Beyond my desire to have a safe place to live and raise my children, Family Scholar House has given me the opportunity to go back to school to become a nurse. FSH’s support has given me confidence in my abilities as a woman, mother, and future nurse. My family continues to learn and grow together. In fact, I love spending time with my kids as we do our homework together!

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Full of Gratitude

Published on December 26, 2019, by Kate Brackett to the FSH Stories Category.

The holiday season is a special time for everyone, but there are moments at Family Scholar House that are unlike anywhere else. The past month, I have been helping with our Adopt-A-Family program, assisting donors and participants. Hundreds of families are blessed with presents, but there’s one family’s pick up I will never forget.

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Coming Full Circle

Published on December 19, 2019, by Kate Brackett to the FSH Stories Category.

Playing and laughing with the other kids, attending fun community events, and always feeling a strong sense of family and support–that’s what I think of when I recall the time spent growing up at Family Scholar House. It was over eleven years ago when my mother, little brother, and I all moved into the cloister apartments and joined what was then called Project Women.

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Counting Our Blessings this Thanksgiving

Published on November 27, 2019, by Kate Brackett to the FSH Stories Category.

In this busy holiday season, sometimes it’s hard to stop and take a moment to realize how blessed we are. Earlier this morning, a participant came to one of our pantries. As we were walking back to the pantry, she was telling me about her sons and what they are doing to prepare for Thanksgiving. After fiddling with the keys for quite a while to try to find the right one, I finally opened the door to a sight of shelves full of food.

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