Dear 2020 graduates, 

In a time of global pandemic and national civil unrest, it is easy to allow all the worry and stress to override the happy moments in life.  I want to take just a minute to stop and celebrate one of those happy moments with you right now. Whether you completed an apprenticeship, certification, an associates degree, your bachelors, or your master’s I am so proud of the hard work each of you has put in to get to this point.
The countless hours staying up after putting kids to bed morphed into hours spent working side by side with your children as they completed NTI work for the last two months of school. Tutoring sessions moved online and you had to schedule around nap times. Daycares closed and you suddenly became a full time childcare provider along with a full time student, mom, and employee. And yet, you persevered. 

Through all the years of struggle, studying, and even tears, you have come out on the other side a stronger person, a rock star mom, and a graduate. To say I am proud of you is an understatement. I am in awe of you. I am so impressed by your willpower, your strength, and your ability to rise above all the world has thrown at you to reach this point. What amazes me the most, though, is knowing that this is only the beginning. 

Whether you plan to go on for a higher degree or go into the workforce, your future holds so many new, challenging, and exciting opportunities. Just know that regardless, I will be right here, cheering you on. You have gained a home, a team of cheerleaders, and a family at Family Scholar House, now and forever. 


All the love,
Olivia Jarrell – Academic Coach at FSH