“Every Day is Father’s Day”

Here at Family Scholar House, we are so grateful to have the help of community members who graciously give their time and talent to further the mission of FSH

Three students from Collegiate, during their week of volunteering, learned about the many opportunities FSH provides to the single-parent students

Below is a blog they wrote after interviewing FSH parent, Channing, about not only his but his daughters’ experience at FSH.

“Every day is father’s day,” or so it seems to Channing, a 29 year old college student and current resident of Family Scholar House. Channing refers to his children as an amazing blessing from God, and he sees the role of a father to be an honorable one, not just an obligation. When speaking of his three girls, age seven, five, and two, his eyes light up. These girls are his whole world, and Family Scholar House has provided an opportunity for him to give them the stability every family needs.

His role as one of few single fathers at FSH is not only to parent his children and graduate from college, but to fill in as a male figure in the community. Many of the single moms living on his campus don’t even have to ask for his help with heavy lifting or car troubles; he offers aid without hesitation. He knows that he is doing what the moms in the community do for his girls: filling the missing parental role in their life. While Channing spends time with his girls watching movies, riding bikes, doing arts and crafts, and going to church, he is not afraid to admit that he can’t fill the maternal role all the time. The moms on campus spend time with his girls baking and dressing up and in return he carries bikes up the stairs and takes their trash out.

He is incredibly thankful for this community atmosphere, even going so far as to say his family is spoiled at Family Scholar House. The importance of a stable, safe, and positive living situation is obvious to him, and he doesn’t take it for granted in the slightest. To him, Family Scholar House is a place where everyone is in the same boat, furthering their education so they can provide for their children. He hopes to see his girls graduate with extended educations and follow their god given passions throughout their lives. FSH allows his girls a safe place where he can give them the opportunities to realize these dreams.

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This Father’s Day is going to be a safe, pleasant and secure one for his family. It will be an opportunity for his girls to show him how much they appreciate the life he has given them by working to be a part of the Family Scholar House community.