Graduation Celebration 2015

FSH Graduation Celebration 2015

Last month we recognized 54 Family Scholar House graduates at the Kentucky Science Center. To date, we have celebrated 241 degrees. We could not be more proud of our student-parents and their accomplishments. Our participants are full-time parents and full-time students with dreams and goals of achieving nothing short of greatness.

We were lucky enough to have Chief Academic Officer of JCPS and FSH Trustee, Dewey Hensley share how proud of our graduates he is and also to share his journey of discovering the importance of education.

“Education is not magic, but the opportunities it affords you are magic.” –Dewey Hensley

The FSH Class of 2015, spent the evening celebrating with members of the community that have supported FSH and been an integral part of this success. Our participants all have different backgrounds, circumstances, and struggles, but it’s certain that they all have one thing in common: they have the desire for an education and to better their lives along with their children’s lives.

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Thank you for supporting our families and believing in their dreams. Our organization couldn’t succeed without the support and love we receive from our community. Please enjoy a small piece of Jaydee Graham’s speech from the evening:

“Thank you for those in this room that believed in me as well as this program which gave us an opportunity to spread our wings and venture through this journey as a family. Our story does not end here, yet it is just beginning as we start a new chapter of our lives. My desire is to touch the lives of many who have or are wearing the shoes that brought me to such a dark place and to show them that they don’t have to feel comfortable living in pain, yet can feel every bit of life again and come out stronger because of it. George Elliot said it well, “it is never too late to be what you might have been.” Embrace every bit of your journey and leave this chapter of your life with your head held high and your goals ahead of you. You have finished this portion of your race, be proud, be bold and continue to make your mark on this world.” (Jaydee Graham, UofL- Bachelors of Social Work)

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