On Demand Career Development

How did you learn your professional skills? Did you have a mentor who took you under their work and taught you the ropes? FSH Participants are now experiencing this both in person and virtually!

Part of our core career programming includes Speed Mentoring and Job Shadowing, in which participants are connecting with professionals and learning professional skills in person. In addition to this, participants are also able to access professionalism support virtually through our FSH Academy Career Series. This allows us to deliver the information they need most at the time they need it. While learning skills like how to dress for an interview and how to write a professional email are useful to learn at any time, the advice is most critical when that situation arises. FSH Academy’s format of quick 5 minute videos on specific topics allows a participant to quickly pull up a tutorial such as how to tie a bow tie on their phone as they are getting dressed on interview day.

Pre-residents are required to complete professionalism workshops either online or in person before they move in. At this time, many may be first focusing on getting in school and will want to revisit the information once they are ready to look for an internship or job. This is easy to do with FSH Academy. Participants in the Job Shadowing program also receive monthly online professionalism workshops to complete. These workshops go more in depth based on what they will need to be successful at this stage in their professional career. Topics of these online career workshops currently include: professional etiquette and communication, resume and cover letter writing, putting together a professional look, networking skills, professionalism in social media and more.

These videos are created by our best experts- YOU! We assist community members in planning a video where they can share their expertise on a given topic and be filmed in our on campus studio. We then edit the video and create an online workshop with a corresponding quiz that advocates can send to participants as part of their programming and case plans. This virtual curriculum is key to meeting the needs of our 21st century learners who are full time college students and parents, hungry to consume online content at their fingertips.

Want to get involved with our Career Programming and/or FSH Academy? Please contact our Career Advisor and FSH Academy Coordinator Helene Trager-Kusman at HTKusman@familyscholarhouse.org