Our Mother’s Deserve Their Own Day…

If you’ve browsed the card aisle of any Kroger, Walgreen’s or Target lately, you found a plethora of cards designed to honor the important women in our lives. Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908, and became an official U.S holiday in 1914. This means people have been celebrating mothers once a year, for nearly 101 years! When we are in grade school, with the assistance of our teachers we spent time making our mothers the perfect handmade gift. As we grow older, those handmade gifts are often replaced with cards and if we’re lucky, spending the day together.

These women are our superheroes, cheerleaders, teachers, mentors, boo-boo fixers, stain removal experts and support systems. At Family Scholar House, our hardworking single-mothers work year round trying to create a better life for not only themselves, but for their children as well. These strong women have overcome obstacles and hardships to become full-time mothers and full-time students who are pursuing a college degree and self-sufficiency for their family.

With the help of a wonderful community of volunteers, our youngest scholars created these beautiful masterpieces to give to their mothers for Mother’s Day.

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Around here we love to celebrate our moms. During Mayor’s Give a Day week of service volunteers from the community helped our youngest scholars create masterpieces to give to their mothers on Mother’s Day. Another volunteer group will be coming to campus later this week to assist our participants in building their own special mother’s day casserole. Between juggling the responsibilities of being a single-parent, attending classes, working, cooking dinner, laundry and helping with homework while they complete their own, these meals make it possible for them to relax this Sunday.

One of our kiddos getting messy while creating a special gift for his mother!

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