Overcoming Obstacles 

By Briana Lee

I can not share my experience of motherhood without mentioning my experiences with the Family Scholar House and the impact it has had on me. My time within the program has been curated for my unique needs, and it provided an environment of grace. My pregnancy as a young mother was not welcomed. I was met with an overwhelming amount of criticism. I was addressed with an attitude of being my family and society’s new burden while simultaneously receiving almost no help.

It was not until I started my journey with the Family Scholar House that I felt my family and those around me showed an increase in support and less reproach. The Family Scholar House supported me past the point of survival in my daily life. They went beyond putting me on the road back to getting my education. They provided access to distinguished childcare in a childcare desert. The food pantry has been an alternative to the grocery store when I could not get there myself. My family advocates and Academic Coaches have propped me above my obstacles. Emergencies, surgeries, general wellness concerns, and disabilities have presented overwhelming circumstances for me. Still, the staff at the scholar house have remained flexible with me. As an Americorp intern seeing the program’s functional background, I can ensure that they produce a similar experience for other participants. I am working towards a graduate degree and transiting into a career that allows me to advocate for the population of single parents like myself.¬†