When prepping for an interview, how long do you agonize over which outfit is best suited for your dream job?

When food and childcare take priority, our participants often have little money leftover for business casual attire. The Family Scholar House solution? Linda’s Closet!

Linda’s Closet is a clothing donation center for professional attire that allows participants to assemble a business outfit, with all of the needed accessories– at absolutely no cost. Participants can select all the needed components of an outfit in order to shine in their interviews, pinning ceremonies, and graduation festivities.

So far, my most touching memory of Linda’s Closet was when a participant picked out an outfit for her white coat ceremony. Not only was she proud of her accomplishments, and deservingly so, but she felt confident as she walked across the stage in her new, black dress and pearl necklace.

Everyone deserves to feel confident and prepared for the important educational and professional milestones in their lives. If you would like to donate clothing, jewelry, handbags, or shoes to Linda’s Closet, please contact Family Scholar House.