“As a student-parent graduate of Family Scholar House, I was delighted to see the program that helped me complete my college degree while raising my son recognized as a 2020 Rise Prize winner. I wish every parent working to balance post-secondary education, work, and parenting responsibilities had a family like the one I found at FSH.”  These are the words of Tiffany Fitzpatrick, a 2020 graduate from the a University of Louisville and mother of Princeton, age 5. When student parents rise, we all rise.

If you want to understand the difference this program makes, you need only look at the success of those who have participated, benefitted and are now in the workforce and giving back. Since graduating, Tiffany has entered the workforce and will start her MBA this fall. Princeton is on to Kindergarten. For both of them, there are many new and exciting opportunities ahead.  When student parents rise, we all rise.

During this pandemic, so many things have been interrupted or canceled; but, not at FSH, our staff members have actually stepped up to serve more families like Tiffany’s and many other people in need. The coronavirus may have changed our daily lives in many ways but we cannot let it derail the dreams of two generations of future leaders. When student parents rise, we all rise.


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