Stories That Define Us

These books were born out of the desire to make our participants’ stories available to you, our readers, and offer insight into their lives. I believe you will find that we are all much more alike than we realize in what we want for ourselves and the hopes we have for our children and our community. I know that I have learned far more from our participants than they could ever learn from me. They are heroes of mine not because of what they have accomplished, which is very impressive, but because of what they have overcome and because of their resilience and persistence in the face of challenges that seemed insurmountable. They are remarkable not only because they have faced difficulties and had the hope and grit to work through them, but also because they are willing to share their stories in the hope that their experiences will inform and inspire others. To a person, I am proud of them for offering their stories to you.

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Hear from some of our families:

FSH graduate Maria and current participant Dania discuss the impact Family Scholar House has made on their families lives.

Hope, an Elizabethtown Community & Technical College student shares her experience with Family Scholar House.