Educational Partner Services

Participants enroll in the accredited colleges or apprenticeship programs of their choice to pursue the courses of study of their choice, with the goal to obtain a post-secondary certificate or degree. Family Scholar House helps participants access financial assistance to pay for classes and books. Through financial aid, Pell grants, scholarships, and sometimes student loans, participants attend school on a full-time basis. Many of the participants also obtain work-study assistance through their colleges or universities. All participants meet regularly with their Academic or Apprenticeship Coach to review educational progress.

Connect with an Academic Coach

Are you a KCTCS Student?

As a student, your college has partnered with Family Scholar House to provide resources you can utilize on your path to success. Our Response Center is available to you Monday-Saturday 8am-8pm ET. Below are opportunities available to you at no cost when you call the Response Center with Family Scholar House: Apprenticeship & Academic Coaching, Advocacy Support, Health & Wellness Coaching, Career Coaching and connection to community resources. Call us at 502-289-6384 or Email [email protected]