Family Scholar House White Papers

These white papers were compiled on behalf of Family Scholar House to bring together research from subject-matter experts to inform the mission and work of Family Scholar House.

The Trauma Factor

How the Hidden Costs of Trauma are Costing America Billions — This white paper will explore the economic costs of trauma, both at the societal level and at the individual level. We will look to identify the complex relationships and interdependencies between costs of trauma to businesses, government, taxpayers, schools, and families. Focusing on a central definition of trauma, readers can expect to learn how the trauma reactions result in lower workforce participation (particularly among women), lower degrees of educational attainment, and rising healthcare costs. This white paper will also focus on how trauma impacts costs to the judicial system and substance use disorder programs.

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One Step Forward, Three Steps Back

How Americans are Falling off of the Benefits Cliff and
What You Can Do About It—
Widely acknowledged as an imperfect system, the social safety net’s shortcomings make the benefits cliff phenomenon one of the most critical barriers to 59 million Americans becoming self-sufficient. Because of this, many families find that even a slight increase in income can result in the loss of eligibility for their benefits, creating a net loss of up to thousands in their monthly household budget. This white paper will argue that longer on and off ramps are needed to ensure fiscal responsibility of tax dollars. Further, reforms are needed to spur recipients to achieve lifelong self-sufficiency and to become economic catylists.

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