The Power of One

As you will recall from elementary algebra, any number multiplied by one equals itself.

1 x 1 = 1, Y x 1 = Y, anything x 1 = anything

The fancy name for this is the multiplicative identity property, meaning that any number multiplied by one keeps its identity. And, this is a fine rule for mathematics.

Yet, I would encourage you to step outside of the world of math to see it differently; because, at Family Scholar House we have identified a different sort of rule. At FSH, we witness what I will call the multiplicative inspiration property, the power of one inspired person to affect exponential change through a progressive succession of interactions that yield a result far more significant than one. The power of one = ∞

In 2012, Keneysha Rodney, FSH graduate spoke about the impact of the one person who told her about Family Scholar House and started her on a path that allowed her to have support services and stable housing for herself and her girls as she completed her BSW from the University of Louisville. Keneysha now has an MSSW and has committed herself to “being that one person for others” by introducing single parents to Family Scholar House. The power of one = ∞

Last month, our community came together to build a Kaboom! Playground for the youngest scholars at our Stoddard Johnston Scholar House campus. For a small staff of 11, the task of recruiting 200 volunteers to join us on a Saturday in November to build a playground was daunting. But, we did not need to get 200 volunteers we needed only to get a few and watch as they each recruited friends, family and coworkers. And from one or two, we ended up with over 240 volunteers in one day to provide a place for our little ones to safely play outside. The power of one = ∞

Sometimes people feel that the little bit they can do on their own couldn’t really make a difference. We know that it does. Today, I challenge you to be the power of one that helps our families. Please tell someone about Family Scholar House today. Share your experience with us knowing that the power of one = ∞.

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