How You Can Help: Single Mothers Become College Grads

-Today’s Woman Magazine

In 2011, Kate Brackett selected Family Scholar House (FSH) as part of her Master in Social Work internship from Murray State University. A Louisville native, she thought it would be fun to spend the semester close to home while she worked to complete her degree. Kate didn’t expect to fall in love with Family Scholar House, but that’s exactly what happened. Today, Kate serves as the director of strategic initiatives, where she takes leadership for community engagement efforts as well as the bustling volunteer network that supports Family Scholar House.

The mission of FSH is to “change lives, families, and communities through education,” and it does so by providing a home to single mothers (and their children) as they work their way through college. One hundred percent of the women who are accepted into FSH are homeless; 95 percent of them have experienced domestic violence.

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