A Bright Constellation

There is a new constellation consisting of 20 stars that can be seen from the Parkland neighborhood. This constellation consists of a group of single parents who upon moving into the Parkland Scholar House discovered their shine. These Parkland stars completed their first semester after moving into housing receiving GPA’s above a 3.0, five of which are 4.0’s!

As you read the names and hear the stories of our stars, you will realize that nothing is impossible for those who believe. These stories also lend proof of the power of determination, confidence, and resilience of those who face adversity.

One story is of Tyroniqua Lashley, a Parkland resident who moved into housing directly out of high school. Scared, confused and struggling with this being her first time living on her own, Family Scholar House provided her with the necessary tools that have given her the influence and support she needed to believe she could transform all of her dreams into reality. With new bills and new responsibilities, Tyroniqua stood strong and tackled every obstacle thrown in front of her. She went into her first semester of college not knowing what to expect but she faced all of life’s difficulties with courage and patience with the refusal to give up. Family Scholar House provided Ms. Lashley with the stability and assistance allowing her to finish the fall 2013 semester with her very first 4.0 GPA. She says this is only the beginning of a new life cycle that continues to allow her to set a positive example and create a pathway to success for her daughter.

Here at Family Scholar House, we are so very proud of what our single parents have accomplished, are accomplishing and will continue to accomplish in the future. We know that with hard work, tenacity and sheer determination to succeed, the futures of all of our stars are bright. The possibilities are endless, and we are excited to see what the future holds for all of our single parents and their children.

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