2024 Graduate Spotlight

Tre Cosby 

Tre Cosby recently graduated with an Associate in Arts from Bluegrass Community and Technical College. He was taking classes at Gateway Community and Technical College when he decided to change career paths to sports nutrition. The University of Kentucky appeared the perfect place for that. It was his first time at a big school, and he started in 2020 – right before the pandemic. The reality of being on his own caught up with him and he had to choose between eating, paying bills, and going to classes, and due to this, Tre ended up on academic probation.

Tre decided it would be best to sit out of school to reflect, save, and to be able to regain control of his mental health. According to him, those two years allowed for immense character development, and he learned that he doesn’t have to settle. When Tre re-enrolled in school he was not only financially and mentally prepared for BCTC and had a support system that wanted him to be the best version of himself. He thrived in this environment with his full time job and studies. Tre highly recommends people use the resources around them. Especially minorities – BSU, a few good men, they care about you as people, not just you as students. You don’t have to do this journey alone, Tre emphasizes

Some of those support systems seemed like aunts and uncles in disguise. They (Ms. Kauai and Lamont) ensured they would be there regardless of the challenges that Tre faced. Ms. Kauai, a mentor, told him he had only one more semester left until graduation. Before her, no one had taken the time to show him what he needed; she helped him work smarter, not harder. Lamont Collins, the Family Scholar House Regional Coordinator supported him by connecting him to resources and through some mentally challenging situations. Lamont helped Tre through food insecurity – teaching him how to budget, interview for jobs, and ultimately how to be a successful man in the world. Lamont even helped Tre find resources to help him pay for rent. Through it all Tre learned it takes a village to help students finish school, and Lamont and his BCTC team were that village.

Tre plans to continue working for AT&T – he’s been there for the last two and a half years. Soon he will transfer to a larger institution to finish his dietetics degree. Going forward, he wants to focus on human performance and teach people how to eat and live well. One of Tre’s passions is food – he loves to cook. His family had a huge impact on that growing up. Tre lost eighty pounds, and he wants to be able to help other people do the same. Most people don’t know how to properly maintain their weight, as they are only exposed to fad diets that don’t work. Tre wants to ensure that families on a fixed income can live healthier. He’s already helped his family and friends to eat and live healthier.

Legacy Carter

Before finding my way to Family Scholar House, a mentor’s words reverberated in my mind:  “Get your life together for the sake of your family.” It was a wake-up call, a reminder that every opportunity seized could pave the way for a brighter future. Pregnant with my second child, I knew when the chance arose to join Family Scholar House, I couldn’t afford to let it slip through my fingers. So, on the eve of welcoming my new baby into the world, I moved into the sanctuary of Family Scholar House, determined to make the most of this fresh start. Tragically, the support I’d leaned on, my father, was taken from me by COVID not long after. His absence left a void that seemed insurmountable. Yet, within the walls of Family Scholar House, I found solace, strength, and a renewed sense of purpose. They didn’t just help me recover physically from childbirth, they cradled me emotionally through the storm of grief and change, guiding me to look ahead with hope. Little did I know, the future held promise beyond measure. 

Family Scholar House became not just a refuge, but a beacon of opportunity. Their array of programs – from art therapy to therapeutic services – became lifelines, helping me navigate difficult emotions and find joy in simple pleasures with my children. Meanwhile, I seized every chance to advance myself, earning certifications as a medical assistant and pharmacy tech, inching closer to my ultimate dream of serving others in the medical field. In 2023, a door swung wide open: acceptance into the prestigious summer research program at the University of Louisville called, Bridges to Baccalaureate. Focused on unraveling the intricate links between mental health and eating disorders, I poured my heart and soul into my research. The culmination of my efforts brought me to the grand stage of our state Capitol, where I proudly presented my findings at the student research symposium. This opportunity validated my journey and ignited a fire to pursue further studies in the field. 

Today, I’m moments away from an achievement I didn’t think was possible: graduating from Jefferson Community & Technical College with a nursing degree. This milestone wouldn’t be possible without the unwavering support of Family Scholar House. Their mission extends far beyond providing housing; they offer a lifeline to parents who may feel their dreams are dashed by the responsibilities of parenthood. Through their guidance, my daughters—T’Ani (age 5) and Sira (age 4)—have thrived in an environment brimming with love and security, with a present and empowered mother by their side. Family Scholar House and the Early Learning Child Center have transformed our lives, proving that with determination and support, the sky’s the limit.


Charlotte Johnson

Charlotte recently graduated from the University of Houston with her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Currently, she works for Child Protective Services; she has always wanted to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice, and now that she has it, she is determined to make a change. She currently works with kids who have been victims of sex trafficking, and her goal is to open her own group home for these kids. Charlotte would love to help people (particularly kids) navigate the systems she dealt with as a child. This degree means so much to her not only because she’ll be able to help her community, but she’ll also be eligible for more job opportunities that she has the experience for but not the credentials for. 

Charlotte admitted that Family Scholar House helped ensure she made it to her desired end goal. Felicia Young, Regional Coordinator, connected her with resources to maximize her benefits and ensure she could pay her bills. She often acted as a counselor through life and school, which Charlotte really appreciated. Felicia never judged her, and always related to her so she could better help Charlotte provide a better life for her kids. Ultimately, Felicia helped her out of her shell and connect with others. 

Charlotte’s accomplishments have inspired her kids too. She wants to keep going, so they will too. She doesn’t want them to only remember her for working all the time. She wants them to see her succeed. Her daughter graduated from high school when she graduated from Lonestone with an Associate. Her son is graduating this year from high school, and she’ll be graduating with her bachelor’s, and he’s going to Johnson and Wales. Charlotte’s youngest daughter is going to the Navy. Next, Charlotte is getting her administration license to get started on her goals and dreams. Everyone told her she wouldn’t make it, and she’s bound and determined to make a liar out of them. She’s been through so much and will show them that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.


Janay Cooper

Having grown up in Kentucky, Family Scholar House was a familiar name, though I never anticipated needing their services. However, life had its own agenda. I moved to Texas motivated by a desire to be closer to family. I started school. My life seemed to be headed in the right direction – until it wasn’t. Unforeseen familial issues quickly led to a period of unstable housing. I found myself bouncing from one temporary accommodation to the next. Meanwhile, it was getting hard to stay focused on my classes. As my financial aid was quickly running out, I needed a lifeline. 

During this time of desperation, a friend introduced me to Felicia – my lifeline – the Regional Coordinator of the Houston Family Scholar House program. From our first meeting, Felicia exuded warmth and empathy. Not only did she empathize with my situation, she also sprang into action to help me navigate the challenges I faced. Together, we scoured the area for suitable apartments. Felicia’s expertise ensured I found an option that met my needs and my budget. But, Felicia’s support didn’t stop there. My son, Isaiha, has a congenital blood disorder called hemophilia. Managing this disorder has been a challenge, and she helped me find additional resources so he can have a healthy, active childhood. 

One of the best programs I discovered with her guidance was a program that offered free childcare in exchange for volunteering once a week. Knowing he had a safe place to stay while I studied, lightened some of my burdens. With the unwavering support of Family Scholar House and Felicia by my side, I was able to persevere through the challenges of completing my degree. I’m proud to say I will be graduating this year with a bachelor’s degree in justice administration with a minor in psychology — a testament to my resilience and determination.

As I look towards the future, my aspirations extend far beyond earning a diploma. With my degree in hand, I am poised to pursue a career in my field, driven by the desire to provide Isaiha with the medical care he deserves. My journey with Family Scholar House has not only empowered me to overcome adversity but has instilled in me the belief that with determination and support, anything is possible. As I prepare to walk across the stage in May, I do so with gratitude in my heart for the unwavering support of Family Scholar House and the remarkable individuals, like Felicia, who have touched my life along the way. With their support, I am confident that brighter days lie ahead for both me and Isaiha.

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