Passion: The Catalyst I Went Searching For

In a world filled with causes and concerns, the fire of passion sets some charities ablaze, driving them to make a real impact. At the heart of any successful mission lies an unwavering commitment fueled by genuine passion. 

As a single mother of four, I sat out earlier this year to find the catalyst to reignite my professional passion. After years of creating meaningful relationships to help advance our state’s business community, I knew the coals beneath my fire were still warm. I first learned how impactful passion is through my interactions with incredible leaders. Regardless of the obstacles that would have deterred many, with great dedication, they still carried the torch that led their teams to succeed. I have seen what is possible when my flames burn blue for a cause, and I felt a relentless conviction to find a mission that would allow me to create a way for others to feed their fire, too. In many ways, I now know I’ve found my second FAMILY, and I am so excited to be home! 

When you’re passionate about a cause, it becomes more than just a task; it becomes a personal calling. This depth of commitment propels charities like Family Scholar House forward, surpassing standards and achieving the unheard-of for our communities. This passion compels us to work tirelessly, innovate, and find new ways to make a difference. It is through the passion of our incredible supporters that we’re able to do so. Their commitment to serving our mission is not only about the grand gestures but also the small, everyday acts that collectively create a ripple effect of change. From the volunteers who dedicate their time to the donors who give what they can, every act of support expresses a dedication to something greater than ourselves. Challenges are inevitable, but this resounded trust in our mission turns stumbling blocks into stepping stones, pushing us forward for those we serve. Passion breeds resilience. 

Passion is the driving force that transforms a mere idea into a movement capable of changing lives. Ideas are fantastic, but what creates the actions to make them a reality? It’s passion and unwavering devotion. My children constantly remind me of the type of devotion it takes to make dreams or ideas a reality. On night four of dance practice this week, passion is evident for a 10-year-old dedicated to being the best dancer possible when we must put bandaids on blisters and soak soar legs before she can finally get to bed. Easy and uncontested are not words I’d often relate to passion. It’s a conviction, not a convenience. 

One could say the same about our mission here at Family Scholar House. It’s no easy feat, and it will only sometimes be uncontested. Still, the conviction to end the cycle of poverty and transform our community by empowering families and youth to succeed in education and achieve lifelong self-sufficiency will always be worth it. My fire to be a resource for our organization is stoked every time I hear the testimonies of our participants. Single parents like myself choose to fight through their circumstances and let their fire lead them to create a future for themselves and their children. 

You see, our mission is a beacon calling out to those who resonate with the need for change and understand the urgency of our call. Whether newly found or age-old, your passion can ignite change. It has the potential to reverse a pattern, to break a chain, and to lead others to do the same. Your passion is not just a personal flame; it’s a torch that can light the way for a brighter, more compassionate future. It’s not just what prompts you to agree with the incredible need for our work but to join us. 

If we haven’t had the opportunity to connect since I joined Family Scholar House, my name is Jessica Moore, and I’m the Assistant Director of Philanthropy. Whether you’re already connected with us or want to be connected to share your flame, I can’t wait to meet you. You can call or text me at (502) 662-8781 or email me at [email protected]

I want to leave you today with this to remember… 

Passion is the catalyst that turns empathy into action.

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