Here at Family Scholar House, we aim to meet every need of our participants to enable them to
succeed. Our career readiness programs equip our scholars with the skills they need in order to
be successful in the workforce after graduation. For one of these programs, FSH participant
Crystal recently completed an 8-week job shadowing internship to gain hands-on experience in
the project management field. When asked about her experience, she shared the following:

“I’ve learned so many things from my internship. The first being how supportive
Family Scholar House is (I already knew this but during COVID-19 I realized it
even more). They truly want to help you reach your goals. I practiced conducting
a needs assessment of a situation and how to create and follow a project guideline
to complete a guidebook. I also learned to believe in my skills and abilities more.
I think I’m capable of doing more than I’ve given myself credit for in the past.”

Crystal has been a resident of FSH since 2018, and she will graduate in December with an
Organizational Leadership and Learning major and a 3.3 GPA. She is so grateful for the
opportunity to access higher education and accomplish so much. In fact, she was quick to
acknowledge the one act that had the most impact on her life this year:

“I would say the most impactful act of kindness for me this year was the
individual who provided me with a scholarship. It was the last little bit I needed to
be able to complete my coursework on time, I had no idea how I was going to
cover it. But as always, I connected with my Academic Coach at Family Scholar
House and she told me about this opportunity. I cannot thank that kind person
enough! The amount of stress that has been taken off my shoulders is

Crystal’s dream job would be a project management role in the corporate or non-profit sector.
But for now, her short-term career goal is to get a full-time job in an organization that could push
her closer to her goals of becoming a project manager/leader. Crystal showed so much gratitude
for her FSH family and greater community for their support in helping her achieve her dreams:

“I’m thankful for our Career Coach, Sneha Thapa, who is an invaluable resource
for so much more than just career coaching. I’m also grateful for the entire Family
Scholar House program and team. If there is anything you need, chances are
Family Scholar House can help you. The staff here are committed, compassionate
and show up continuously for my family and every family that is involved in this
program. They have helped me reach so many goals—graduating with my degree
was just one of them.”