HAPPY Birthday Benefactors!

In October we celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving in November, and Christmas in December. And as of lately we celebrate holidays such as, ‘National Adopt a Guinea Pig Month’ in March and ‘National Noodle Day’ on October 6th. But, do you know what “holiday” we often over look when preparing for these well-known and not so well known holidays?


We all have one—it should be celebrated.

This month, Yum Brands was kind enough to donate enough cake mix, icing, candles, birthday cards, and gift cards for every October birthday on all four of our campuses. The parents are encouraged to pick up their child’s surprises before their birthday. What an amazing feeling for these parents to watch their child blow out their birthday candles and open their card.

Yum Brands, one of our continuous supporters donated cake mix, icing, candles, birthday cards, and gift cards for us to give to our youngest scholars on their special day!

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When I say they should be celebrated I don’t mean with a pony or a new car. I mean celebrated by feeling loved and special.  Because our families are at a disadvantage and have limited resources it isn’t always possible for them to provide a birthday card or to bake a cake with their child. Recently, an amazing group from UPS came to hear our mission and to volunteer their time to our organization.  A number of the volunteers wrote cards of encouragement to our parents and birthday cards to our children.  So, not only do our youngest scholars feel loved from us and their parents, they also feel loved by our community.

We are so thankful for all of our wonderful volunteers and the time they take out of their busy lives to support us. If you or a group of individuals would like to be a part of our Birthday Benefactor project please let us know.

Contact Nicole Gabriel at ngabriel@familyscholarhouse.org or call 502.584.8090!