Paying Attention on Purpose

For many of our families, FSH is a fresh start, a chance to find their inner voice, sometimes for the first time and learn to walk confidently and boldly in the direction of their dreams. Our participants have known all too well heartache, loss, violence and despair, coming to Family Scholar House seeking support and the tools that will empower them to live a life of stability and self-sufficiency. Our agency provides a comprehensive continuum of services, that help the entire family- to support them on their journey. Some of these services include; parenting and life skills workshops, stable housing, academic advising, family advocacy and financial education. In monthly meetings, we are also educating our participants on the importance of self-care and taking the time to nurture your mind. We have all been practicing, beginning with a simple “mindful moment” each day.

This past Monday, our families joined together for a afternoon of yoga and mindfulness practice and education. The time was centered around “paying attention on purpose”. In a society when numerous tasks are constantly pulling at our attention, FSH staff and participants are taking time each day to be fully in the present.

As the talks of snow continue for later today & this weekend, we invite you to take time, to breathe, and fully take in the moment as it happens.

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