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On Demand Career Development

Published on February 19, 2018

How did you learn your professional skills? Did you have a mentor who took you under their work and taught you the ropes? FSH Participants are now experiencing this both in person and virtually!

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Why am I a Shoe Guy?

Published on January 15, 2018

Wine Women & Shoes 2018 is only a few weeks away – check out below to learn more about one of our faithful supporters, Ryan Edwards, Shoe Guy and 2017 King of Sole winner. In his own words, read why he is committed to Family Scholar House, our families and being an extraordinary Shoe Guy:

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Family Scholar House, a Place I Call Home

Published on November 28, 2017

At Family Scholar House, we get the unique opportunity to work with, not only the single-parent students but also their amazing children (the motivation behind the scenes, the reason our parents are striving for a better life for themselves and their children).

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Different… and Yet Also the Same

Published on November 6, 2017

The children’s room at Louisville Scholar House, gets a lot of love from our families. During orientations and workshops, you can always find little ones amusing and entertaining volunteers. Books are read and pictures are drawn and rocking horses and trains are played with.

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What Do You Want to Do – When You Grow Up?

Published on July 25, 2017

After the anticipation of summer and a break from school, it doesn’t take long for that initial excitement to turn into boredom from a lack of activities or things to do. To combat boredom and summer learning loss, we encourage and find support for our kids to attend various camps and we even create our own. Last week, some of our kids from ages six to 16 attended Career Academy, a camp developed and led by our staff.

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One Thing That No One Can Take Away From You – Knowledge

Published on February 21, 2017

An FSH Participant reflects back on her journey.

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