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Education is Key to a Stronger Houston

Published on March 25, 2022

Recognizing this tremendous need in Houston, Family Scholar House (FSH) is bringing this vital support to Houston through the construction of our new campus, Manson Place for Parent Scholars. While the campus, which offers affordable housing in Houston’s Third Ward, will break ground this summer and open in 2024, pre-residential services are already available to anyone interested in seeking support to realize their career goals.

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Another One’s Treasure

Published on March 15, 2022

On the journey to self-sufficiency participant’s will have opportunities to network with community leaders that work for a variety of organizations across Louisville. This is how our participants learn about different career paths, find mentors and land career track employment. As many of us know, there are so many steps between searching for employment and actually landing the position. One of those steps in the interview process which includes research, preparation, practice and dressing for the job. That is why Linda’s Closet is an important resource for our families.

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Divine Timing

Published on February 25, 2022

An Interview with a current FSH participant. When asked What FSH means to her: "I love, appreciate, and above all am so thankful for Family Scholar House and their huge support system of hardworking advocates & coaches who go out of their way to make sure every participant is being seen, heard and taken care of. That's huge to me!"

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Overcoming Obstacles

Published on February 14, 2022

I can not share my experience of motherhood without mentioning my experiences with the Family Scholar House and the impact it has had on me. My time within the program has been curated for my unique needs, and it provided an environment of grace.

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Love. Support. Success.

Published on January 28, 2022

I was introduced to Family Scholar House over 4 years ago, shortly after moving to Louisville and immediately was inspired by the mission. Since connecting with FSH, I have seen a legacy of strong women connecting and building each other up which extends to our families, staff, and community. It's been such a beautiful and important thing to witness and be a part of. My personal experiences and obstacles both in and out of higher-education have also helped me understand what a huge void FSH fills which is what really drew me to the organization.

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Pursuing Your Dreams

Published on January 18, 2022

I first learned about the Homes for All Americorps program through Family Scholar House. I started as a Response Center Representative at Family Scholar House in August; in my role I mainly worked with community members in need, connecting them to resources and getting them signed up for our program. During a meeting with my supervisor, I mentioned that I wanted to go back to school in the Spring of 2022, but I was worried about how I would manage it financially. She proceeded to tell me about the Americorp program, and the service that I could still do at Family Scholar House while also earning an education award at the end of my service term. It seemed like the perfect solution as it would allow me to keep my connection with Family Scholar House while also furthering my education. From the moment I started at FSH, I knew I was a part of the team but in that moment I realized the staff truly cared about assisting me in reaching my goals too.

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